Now Offering Unlimited Content Submission


Unlimited Submissions to All Platforms

With a monthly subscription, XEAT TV clients are able to submit unlimited numbers of content such as music videos, audios, articles, biography, etc. The content submitted will be posted to our platforms based on the chosen plan. 

Below you can find the different plans currently offered


Detailed List of Benefits Included in the Different Plans

Video Submissions to ROKU and APPLE TV

Our ROKU TV channel is optimal and is one the best channel for artists to get noticed. A monthly subscription, guaranties that clients will have their music videos available on ROKU, and APPLE TV. Internet Protocol Television is the future of TV, and XEAT TV is at the forefront. 

With the MOGUL plan, clients will have the opportunity to be sponsored for a front and center promotion (see screenshot above). The NEW RELEASE - SPOTLIGHT tab is ideal for a newly release music video.

The 5Q1H Show (Theme)

5Q1H is a new TV show about information gathering on up-and-coming artists worldwide. It is a set of 6 questions (who, what, when, where, why, and how) launched by XEAT TV regarding artists discographies, biographies, and aspirations. At the end of the 6 questions, the host will ask one last question (which) regarding which artist should the show interview next. This feature is only available under the "THE MOGUL" plan. 

LIVE TV (Broadcasting 24/7)

Submissions to our live TV is included with every plan. Clients have the opportunity to have their contents available on our 24/7 TV broadcasting. 

Instagram Post - Stories and Feed (updates)

Instagram posts are included in all subscriptions. XEAT TV will create a post for Instagram to promote the artists music video or content. This is a great opportunity for our clients to get exposure on our social media platform. We will make one post 

for our feed and frequently repost videos on the stories. 

Get featured on our “Who’s Who” videos

XEAT TV has a unique style of making its promotion videos. We are unbeatable and incomparable in graphic designs. Our young technical team is light years away from the industry. With the "ON THE GRIND", and " THE MOGUL" plan artists are featured on our "Who's Who promotion videos that are posted and promoted everywhere. 

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